Thursday, November 4, 2010

So My Grandma Had a son that was hit by a truck when he was 12yrs old his name was Wolfgang. And my grandma could never figure out why God took him away from her, she used to always talk about it true story. An you know I would always wonder the same things why does God take people away, like not people dying of old age or anything but like babies or perfectly healthy people or people you love. So at my grandmas funeral, her sister Got up and spoke and told the story of Wolfgang's death and then began to talk about how Alice (my grandma) was always troubled by it. Then she said one day Alice went to a funeral (this is when she was still alive) and the funeral was for a kid that had died in the community. An as she looked around at this funeral and there where so many kids there and people there that she normally does not see at the church, that is when it hit her. That even if you live forever or you die before you are born, if your death or life can bring just one person closer to God then it was all worth it. and that is how my grandma lived her life. after hearing this, that is when I got to thinking about it. Babies die at birth or as young. Parent are taken away from kids and everyone always is asking why. what people don't realize is that death or struggle has a reason.

The reason is to bring someone closer to God. It might not be today it might not be tomorrow, shoot it might not even have been the person affected by the loss but someone somewhere got the message. true story... After the funeral we where all around as a family taking pictures and eating and such and I looked over at the pastor and he was talking to two kids prob around 15 or 16, I over heard the conversation and they said "hey pastor we want to get baptized." And i thought for a second wow there is a reason for everything there was a reason for my grandma dying. Because in life she used to always say if i cant save them all i will save one. and here we are in little old Baldwin and these two kids who probably haven't been to church in a while are asking to be baptized after my grandma dies. That right there gave me a feeling of Joy and that's when i knew I couldn't cry for her because she is happy and that's when I knew the lord may not give you want when you want it or show up when you call...But he is always on time...

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