Sunday, September 19, 2010


We had a dog fight this Saturday vs. Ohio Dominican, but we came together and rallied a victory! Below are a few highlights From the interview i did for the local paper after the game. Video Highlights coming soon!

1. How does it feel not only to win a second game in a row, but to win
the first road game in almost 2 years? It is a great feeling, we are
very excited about our wins! Starting with our home opener where we beat SVSU.
Then winning on the road vs. Ohio Dominican is a great feeling! I feel
like our offense has really put the pieces together. Our defense really
showed up this weekend with a blocked field goal that was run back for
a touchdown and a lot other game changing plays. So all and all we are
very excited about our home game this weekend. We just want to keep the wins

2.You guys really seemed to get the offense going by racking up 412
yards of offense, is the offense really starting to gel right now? Yes,
I feel like the Quarterback really trusts this offense. The wide
Receivers and the running backs have faith in the QB. Also, our offense of
line has really stepped it up in this offense. The new offense that
coach Boden is running really utilizes all our weapons on offense and
gave everyone touches on the ball this weekend. We had four different
touchdowns from four different players, that shows how the offense
gets everyone involved.

3. How big has Antwain Windmon been for the defense, with him making
two key picks in consecutive games? Mike Ryan has been leading the D as
well, so how has he helped as well? Mike Ryan has really step it up for
his senior year you can see that every play he goes out there like it’s
his last and puts it all on the line. He has made plays that have been
very key to our wins, as well as Antwain, he has step it up to becoming
the lock-down corner in the GLAIC that Ferris has needed since Angelo
Williams graduated last year.

4. How has the overall attitude of this team changed from last year to
this year? This year it is a big difference from last year. This year
you can see we have come together more as a team. We have more chemistry
between players and coaches. When we don’t have things go our way, we
don’t get down on each other like we did last year, we just go with our
saying “Next Play”. Overall this year, we are playing more as a unit
than anything else, which is key to winning games

5.How will you guys prepare to face off against Tiffin next week? We
will prepare for Tiffin just like we prepare for any team, with our 24hr
rule. After Sunday night we put the win behind us and get back in the
lab, breaking down film and practicing getting ready to play. It is
going to be a great game and we still haven’t opened up our offense all
the way yet so we will definitely have some surprises up our sleeves. So
everyone should definitely come out and watch us on Saturday vs. Tiffin.

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