Friday, September 24, 2010

Month overview!

It has been a great week of school work and football. School is getting into its fourth week so now the projects are piling on. It will take a lot of hard work this senior year to get all the work I have to do done, it wouldn’t be my senior year if it was a walk in the park. My little one is becoming her own person, it is going so fast just yesterday I feel like I was bringing her home for the first time, now she running around doing her own thing! On the football field our team is doing very well. We have a home game tomorrow and if we win, it will put us back on top, silencing all the people who are saying Ferris State cannot do it. As far as my season I’m taking it one game at a time and waiting for my time to shine. Until that day comes every pass I get I make sure to come up with the catch! So stay tuned because life is falling into place and it will be a great day when it all comes together!

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